Rapid rebuild a success, but Westernationals eludes Zappia

John Zappia had the odds stacked against him coming into the 49th annual Westernationals at Perth Motorplex, with a huge rebuild needed following his excursion into the braking area sand trap at the last event.

Many days of toil saw the Tony’s Auto Wreckers/Dananni Hotshots Monaro readied with just hours to spare ahead of the Westernationals, Western Australia’s biggest drag racing event.

“There was a huge list of people involved in getting this car back to the track after our trip to the beach,” Zappia said. “Peter Matulovich must have done two to three weeks of solid work where we cut up the steel plug and remade the front end, and we also have big thanks to Johnny at Allpro Panel and Paint for painting the new and repaired front ends, Windrush Motorsport Composites for making a mould and repairing the existing front end and All Signs for getting all of the signwriting done.

“That’s not to mention the rest of my crew who were there for a big month of work to get this back to looking like a race car. We had to repair the back of the chassis and Matt from TLC made us a new tether for the parachutes which will act as a secondary line of defence if the chassis mount should ever break again.”

With the Tony’s Auto Wreckers/Dananni Hotshots Monaro looking brand new, Zappia was keen to make amends. With the Motorplex track surface in its best condition all season, Zappia admitted he was caught out early.

“We came out a bit soft and underestimated the track, it was way better than the meeting before,” Zappia said. “I pedalled and went 5.88 in the first session. We stepped it up for the second session and it still wasn’t enough, so it rattled again and I shut it off. This time we went back, changed the gearbox though we were still soft we got through without shake for a 5.75/253mph. As a driver it was good to notice the car was driving nice and straight so soon after a major rebuild – even though I think we were still finding sand in places!”

Eliminations saw Zappia taking on Mark Chapman’s Plymouth Fury in the first round, who has been knocking out consistent five second passes recently.

“In round one we felt like we were on the cusp of getting back into the 5.6s,” Zappia said. “We launched well and from the early incrementals it looked like we were going to run around a 5.63. But then as I hit top gear a lack of air in the shifting system saw it stay in second and I hit the rev limiter. I knew I was in front but I couldn’t risk blowing a motor, so I had to push the clutch in, and right on the stripe Mark came past me. Neither of us actually had any idea who had won because it was so tight and there was a big difference in closing speed.”

With the win light favouring Chapman, Zappia had to look on the upside.

“We know the car is driving straight and working as we want it to, and that is important. Daniel Gregorini is chasing us hard in the points, but Mark defeated him too, so that gives us a good buffer heading into the final Summer Slam round on March 21.

“We had six meetings undefeated and that is never easy. It’s time for us to hit the reset button and try to start a new roll.”

Photos: Phil Luyer – High Octane Photos, Owen Ducker – Ducker Drag Racing TV




























John Zappia’s decades of drag racing experience helped prevent a major incident during round four of the WA Summer Slam Series when his Dananni Hotshots/Zappia Racing Monaro lost its parachutes at over 250mph.

Zappia had just completed his final round run when a chassis bar at the back of the car was ripped out, leaving the Top Doorslammer without its most critical braking aid.

“The car went through for a pedalling 5.70 at 258mph, and I pulled the chutes and felt them hit but then I felt them rip off and I was still motoring.”

Zappia first got on to the carbon brakes, managing to keep any bouncing to a minimum in the smooth Perth Motorplex braking area, and then let the clutch out to allow the motor turn over and provide engine braking. At the end of the braking area is a sand trap, which Zappia aimed straight for.

“The engine turning over helped wash off more speed but before I knew it I was out of bitumen and into the sand at approximately 80mph. I tried to keep it as straight as I could. It got into the dust and it broke the front clip off and hooked around; as it turned, I was thinking, ‘No, don’t go sideways!’ I didn’t want to roll it.

“The car turned about 130 degrees around and was actually pointing the other way. As it stopped, I looked up and I was about 20 metres away from the catch net. The Kwinana ‘beach’ pulled me up exactly how it was supposed to; it washed off speed so fast. I didn’t have a scratch or bruise on me. I got on to the radio and explained to the crew what had happened and that I was okay.

“The Motorplex emergency crew were there very quickly, and we were lucky all they had to do was help us tow out!”

Damage to the car was kept mainly cosmetic. The sand tore apart the front clip while the parachutes were found with their chassis mount still attached.

“It looks like it was a fresh break on the chassis. We are going faster lately, and it is hitting harder on the chutes, especially driving into a head wind, so perhaps that was the cause.

“I thought I was having a month off where I only had to do minor servicing on the Noonan engine and B&J transmission but now, we have to fix the front end, fix the back of the chassis and reattach the parachute system.”

It was a dramatic end for what had otherwise been a successful event for Zappia. He top qualified with a 5.64/256mph pass and then backed it up with a 5.63/259mph win against Ryan Moresby in the elimination round.

Zappia was ready to go for another entertaining final up against Daniel Gregorini, but there was an interruption to proceedings when Mark Chapman had a diff failure in the B Final, resulting in an oil down shortly before the race curfew. The only option left was to run the A Final as two solo passes, with Zappia electing to get on track first for the unexpected end to the night. Unfortunately, the time to get the car out of the sand trap saw the event reach curfew and the final ended up with split prizemoney and points.

“The performance of the car has been unbelievable, to run a 5.63 and a 5.64 with a pedal is amazing. Even on our last run where it rattled hard it still went 5.70.

“We are excited to get the car fixed and tuned up to suit the conditions for the Westernationals. We are still undefeated after six events; we might not have got a win this time but at least we didn’t lose!”

“We hope to see as many sponsors and supporters at the Westernationals on 29th Feb and 1st March to witness the Top Doorslammer action and the return of Top Fuel headed by Phil Lamattina and Peter Xiberras as well as all the Summit Racing Equipment Sportsman Series racers from all over Australia.”





In-car video thanks to Phil Blondell – Drag Videos

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Zappia crushes Perth Motorplex track record in family double-up

John Zappia racked up a new track record of 5.585 seconds, his first 260mph pass in Australia, an event win and got to watch nephew Brodie Zappia take out the Junior Dragster bracket in a massive day for the Zappia family at Perth Motorplex on Saturday, January 4 2020.

The attack began early when Zappia stunned onlookers with his first 5.5 second clocking during the first qualifying session for the Summer Slam, in warm and sunny conditions. The pass was on a ragged edge of traction which proved just perfect for the Zappia Racing Monaro.

“We changed the B&J gearbox to a safer gear so we could get the car down the track, but we left the tune up and clutch pretty much the same as our 5.63 run recently,” Zappia explained. “We had tried to settle it down for the hotter track conditions and a few cars before us were overpowering the track. When I took off it headed a little left and was spinning the wheels but not by much. As I shifted second we still had lots of wheel speed and it did a bit of a fishtail, but then I got it back into the groove.

“After I got the parachutes out my crew member Gerry got on the two-way radio and said it was a 5.58 at 419kph! I was doing the maths in my head and thought that was probably 260mph and it was, at 260.35.

“The pass blew me away because it didn’t feel that fast. The car was loose, the track was loose and it just hung on enough to keep going.”

Zappia backed up the 5.58 with a 5.615 in the compulsory qualifying session, earning him an elimination round race against Stu Moresby’s Studebaker. Zappia took the race in 5.617 seconds but there was a wild finish when Moresby’s parachutes failed to open, seeing him fly past Zappia and then lock up the brakes before hitting the wall at the end of the braking area.

“As the track was getting tighter we were trying to keep up, we had more clutch in it but it wasn’t enough, but running 5.61s is a good problem to have,” Zappia said.

“I crossed the line ahead of Stuart but he came flying past and I could see he was in trouble. It was a real shame for their team and I hope they can rebuild and be back out for the rest of the Summer Slam season.”

The final round saw Zappia set to race Daniel Gregorini, whose Camaro was in career-best form.

“In the final we went back to the right lane where we ran the 5.58, after our two 5.61s in the left lane, and we changed the first and second gear ratio in the B&J gearbox to try and get the 60 foot time back again.

“Daniel and I left pretty evenly, neither of us had great reaction times.

Our 60 foot came back but we had a lot of wheel speed in second gear and I shifted third early. That probably robbed us of a couple of hundredths but we still went 5.622 to Daniel’s 5.653 in a great race for the fans and one we were very happy to win.”

The victory marked Zappia’s fourth event win in a row at Perth Motorplex and was the quickest side by side Top Doorslammer race ever in Australia.

“The Zappia Racing Monaro was a good car to drive, and once I knew the car would go down the track and I could really concentrate on driving well. The Noonan power in combination with our precision Crow Cam, Reid Rockers, Cp-Carrillo pistons and conrods, Total Seal Rings, Victory Valves and all lubricated with Fuchs top quality lubricants gives us a very reliable combination and were lucky enough to not hurt any components. We also got to try a couple of different B&J ratios and we did minimal adjustment to the Boninfante clutch; the car ran like clockwork.

“We have done a lot of R&D and found a lot of stuff that doesn’t work. We could have sat still and been happy with more 5.6s but we have pushed and pushed. We have made mistakes, learned some stuff and we now have the car consistently fast.”

It was great to have Danni and Ross from Dannani Hotshots to support us and witness our record breaking runs. Also for supplying Dannani Hotshots merchandise to help with the fund raising coordinated by Michelle and Liz for the fire victims.

Adding to the celebrations on the day was a win from Zappia’s nephew Brodie in Junior Dragsters. With John’s brother Richard doing double duty on both the Top Doorslammer and the Junior, it was a great reward for the effort.

“Richard keeps busy at the track and he managed to excel in both departments,” John said. “They just switched to a new car and are learning what it wants but they got the job done. Brodie is just 14, so who knows how good he will be when he is 18!”

Zappia now heads to Summer Thunder at Sydney Dragway, though his route will depend on what roads are open as the bushfire crisis continues to grip Australia.

“If the roads aren’t open the normal way we may have to go through Katherine and Townsville, and instead of 4100km it ends up at 8000kms. But one way or another we have to get there, maybe we need a supercharged big block boat to go by water!”

John will have his merchandise and new Biante model car for sale at Western Sydney Dragway, so head down and check out what’s available. Looking forward to catching up with East Coast sponsor Parry Bitsikas from Muscle Car Warehouse and any other sponsors who can make the meeting.








Hat-trick keeps Perth season perfect for Zappia

A blazing summer day did little to stop John Zappia from racking up yet another win at Perth Motorplex, this time in the Top Comp bracket as part of round three of the WA Drag Racing Championships.

Making a wise choice and waiting for the 6pm compulsory qualifying session, Zappia opened his account positively with a 5.76 on his first pass down the track, giving him top qualifying honours by just three hundredths of a second from Russell Ladbrook.

The elimination round saw the Zappia Racing Holden Monaro take on fellow Top Doorslammer racer Matt Abel, with a slow reaction time making Zappia vulnerable.

“After our 6pm run we thought we were very safe so we tuned it up a bit more and sent it,” Zappia said. “My reaction time wasn’t great, and we gave Matt almost three tenths of a second on the start line. Fortunately for us Matt had troubles and I was able to drive around him with a 5.695. We didn’t get a speed reading as there was an issue with the timers but it looked okay from our data and given the hot and humid conditions it probably wasn’t one of our fastest speeds.”

The run was enough to send Zappia to the final, which proved to be a strange sequence of events as opponent Ladbrook lost fire after the burnout and had to be removed from the track before Zappia could stage.

“We had a long wait after Russell unfortunately had some troubles and I was getting a little worried because we were running low on fuel,” Zappia said. “I decided to only run the car to half track and then shut it off to avoid having a lean out issue. We went into stage and I got on the revs, but then nothing was happening on the Christmas tree. I got off the revs and waited again before we finally got a green light. By this stage the motor and clutch were pretty hot and as soon as I launched there was a lot of clutch dust in the car, making visibility difficult and rolling through for a 6.99.”

Leaving the track with another trophy in hand, Zappia said he was content with what the team were able to learn.

“We tried some stuff and it seemed to work okay. We worked on suspension and our tyres during the day and we have the car launching straight again – we think the car liked having a fresh set of Hoosier tyres on the back. Given the heat the track held up well and even with air density above 2000 feet we were able to run that 5.69 which is pretty good for those conditions.”

Now Zappia is very excited to race at the Aeroflow Outlaw Nitro Funny Car event on January 4, which also includes round two of the WA Summer Slam Series.

“I have only ever raced at one Aeroflow Outlaw Nitro Funny Car event before, but that was when they held it in December. The January date seems to attract huge numbers of spectators so that is something I am really looking forward to. The Summer Slam will be a great show alongside the Outlaw Nitro cars.”

Spectators are invited to join the Outlaw Nitro pit party and come to visit the Zappia Racing merchandise tent to check out the merchandise and the Zappia Racing Biante Monaro models.

Photo – Phil Luyer





Summer Slam sweet for Zappia

John Zappia took out the first WA Summer Slam Series event of the season in his Holden Monaro Top Doorslammer, but the veteran racer thinks a performance opportunity may have gone begging.

The event started awkwardly for Zappia, as a supercharger backfire in the compulsory qualifying round set the team back early in the night.

“We came out with a 5.63 tune up on the first run of the day and didn’t really back it down, so with a 118 degree racetrack we didn’t have much luck,” Zappia said.

“With the Zappia Racing Holden Monaro backed down for the compulsory qualifier it took off well and shifted into second gear automatically as it is meant to do, but I also made a shift and so it jumped to third gear. That pulled down the engine and it banged the blower. That was my fault as a driver with old habits!”

Zappia was due to face Marty Dack in the elimination round. With Dack’s time of 5.964 in qualifying, he had the upper hand, but something broke in his Ford Mustang during the burnout and Zappia was left to take a solo run.

“Fortunately the motor was okay after our qualifying pop so we were able to put the blower back on and front up for the first round,” Zappia said. “Marty got pushed back so then it was just us. The car left well but overpowered the top of first gear and started to rattle, so I had to pedal for a 5.738/257.36mph – our highest ever speed for a run with a pedal. It showed us there was a lot of power there.”

Zappia was looking forward to a big final round against Daniel Gregorini, but when word came through that Gregorini had problems and wouldn’t be able to make the call, the team decided to go for broke.

“Once we knew Daniel was broken we threw some more clutch at it to see what it would do,” Zappia said. “It launched hot with a 0.971 60 foot time and picked the front wheels up. I punched second gear hoping it would drop the front wheels down and I could regain control but it didn’t, and we crossed the centre line.

“Solos aren’t the way we want to win races and we would have loved to have taken on Marty and Daniel. It was a wild night at the Summer Slam with a few racers giving the wall a rub and lots of action. There were ten cars there who all had a shot and it bodes well for the strength of the series for the rest of the season.”

While the victory was a happy occasion, Zappia felt that there was more in the conditions – including perhaps that elusive 5.5 second pass.

“The air was really good, we should have gone really fast but we just didn’t capitalise on it,” he said. “We had 28 water grains, which is really low, and the air ended up 700 feet of density altitude. There was a lot of power out there, which we saw with a couple of teams running personal best times.”

Zappia will return to Perth Motorplex on December 14 for the WA Sportsman Showdown, where he will race in Top Comp.

“We have a bit more power now and we need to learn how to use it more effectively. We were going to sit this event out and target the next round of the Summer Slam in January, but I think December 14 will give us a chance to try some stuff and see if it works better for us.”


Zappia runs back to back 5.63 at Perth Motorplex for the win

John Zappia turned around his season’s fortunes in the space of just seven days with a stunning track record performance at Perth Motorplex’s Goldenstate Championships on Saturday.
After a patience-testing East Coast Thunder in Sydney, Zappia and his team returned across the Nullarbor to get straight back to the track at Perth Motorplex, where Zappia hoped to cure persistent tyre shake issues.

With 40C degree temperatures recorded across much of Perth, the weather conditions were challenging, and Zappia opted to skip a scorching early afternoon qualifying session in favour of a cooler 5.30pm compulsory qualifying round, where he qualified second with a 5.849, narrowly behind Steve Aldridge’s 5.846.

Seeded against Daniel Gregorini’s quick Camaro, Perth Motorplex fans looked forward to an entertaining elimination round between the two rivals.

“We looked at the data from qualifying and gave it a few tweaks, as well as choosing the right-hand lane,” Zappia said. “I got the holeshot on Daniel but then the Zappia Racing Holden Monaro moved out towards the wall – the door was probably only about a foot away from the concrete. But the car didn’t shake and I stayed on full throttle, getting it back into the groove and we came up with a 5.634/255mph. Everyone on the crew was over the moon.”

The run was the quickest ever made by Zappia at Perth Motorplex, and the engine came back in perfect condition. Zappia next had to make a decision for the final round against Nigel Johnson – keep a consistent tune up in the car or go for a track record?

“We thought we could step up for a possible 5.59, but we also really wanted to see if we could keep the car consistent. With that in mind we did only minor adjustments and changed to the left lane. Up against Nigel we launched really well and though the car went to the right again it wasn’t nearly as bad this time. It settled back into the groove and we ended up with a 5.636/257.01mph for the win.

“We were pretty happy the car was showing consistency, and it’s really fast. We had 1800 feet corrected altitude on Saturday, compared to the 300 feet corrected altitude we had in Sydney when we ran 5.60. So we think we are on the right track and the best thing is we are still safe on the tune.”
Zappia’s next event will be the opening round of the Summer Slam Series on November 30 at Perth Motorplex.

“It looks like there is a little bit left yet. Hopefully we get some cooler weather for the Summer Slam and we can take back the track record, which is a 5.629 by Paul Mouhayet. It would be nice to take back the record for WA!

“We would like to thank Ray Treasure and all the track staff for preparing and maintaining a great track in very trying conditions and running a very smooth event.

“A big thank you to all our sponsors who help make competing at this level possible. We will have our latest Biante model cars on display and available for purchase at the Summer Slam event, so make sure to stop by our pit area.”






With great power comes great responsibility for Zappia

John Zappia’s first round loss in the opening round of the 400 Thunder season wasn’t the way the former champion wanted to start his season, but with more power than he can use in his Holden Monaro Pro Slammer, Zappia is optimistic for events to come.

Zappia qualified in sixth position at last weekend’s East Coast Thunder at Sydney Dragway with a last ditch 5.86/250mph in the third qualifying session.

“Testing went well and we thought it was going in the right direction, then on qualifying day it spits a spark plug out on the first run and runs on seven cylinders for a 6.07,” he said. “We lost any real data on that one, then we overpowered the track from 30 feet out on the next run and I pedalled it and ran a 6.03/252mph – which was only good enough to put us on the bump spot.

“We came out for the last one and backed the clutch and tune up off, it rattled the tyres so I pedalled it and went 5.86/250mph. That certainly wasn’t ideal as we were up against Ben Bray for round one.”

The team changed tact for the first round of eliminations, calming down the 3000 horsepower Holden Monaro as much as they dared to find a way down the track.

“It left slow but it got going and I made it all the way through first gear without having to back off,” Zappia recalled. “Then just as I hit top gear it banged the burst panels and coasted to the finish line. It had started nosing over before half track, and still went 3.77 to the eighth mile, which is good for a 5.65/5.66 type run. Something in the fuel system leaned out and I am not quite sure why yet, it was good for all the other runs and a lost opportunity – we got in front and then we gave it back.”

Zappia originally planned to wait until the opening round of the WA Summer Slam Series to race next, but he has decided to make a last minute entry to the Goldenstate Championships this Saturday at Perth Motorplex.

“We weren’t going to race but there’s all this extra power we have now and I want to find out how to use it,” he said. “From what I have seen in the data we have found more power than expected, which is why we have been overpowering the start line. Now we need to find the happy medium so we can get the car to launch. We have a 5.6 tune up in the car, but more power – so who knows what is possible?”

The naming rights sponsorship for Zappia Racing remains available for any interested parties, and with the WA season only just firing up there are plenty of opportunities for exposure.

“We are committed to pursuing not just the national 400 Thunder series but also WA’s awesome Summer Slam, which gives us the most racing opportunities of any team in the country. We’d love to have someone aboard to be a part of that journey with us,” Zappia said.

The Goldenstate Championships feature program begins from 5.30pm on Saturday at Perth Motorplex.

















Zappia successfully tests ahead of new Pro Slammer season

As a new 400 Thunder season beckons with the running of the opening round, East Coast Thunder, this Friday and Saturday, John Zappia believes the championship is wide open.Zappia will take on a field that includes some of Australia’s toughest Pro Slammer racers including Steven Ham, Mark Hinchelwood and Kelvin Lyle.

“There’s guys who are finding regular 5.6s and 5.7s and that means every race becomes a tough race,” Zappia said. “Pro Slammers by their nature are so unpredictable, so the guys who can tame them – like Steve Ham right now – are the ones you really have to watch out for.

“We were looking forward to battling with Paul Mouhayet again this season but he is taking a break and we wish him all the best, he and Moits Racing were great competitors.”

Part of the reason for Zappia’s phenomenal success in drag racing has been a commitment to testing, and that has not changed this season. Zappia took the opportunity to hit Sydney Dragway early with the aim of sorting out a gremlin that had been plaguing the Monaro for several events.

“We traced down an electrical glitch that was making the lockup clutch malfunction,” he said. “We did some testing on Tuesday and found the problem, so we just put the manual shift buttons back on and I drove it like I used to. Straight away it went 5.76/249mph even though it rattled and I needed to pedal.

“Then on Wednesday we changed a few things around on the motor, came back out and launched with a .971 60 foot time, carried the wheels a long way and managed a 5.71/254mph in pretty hot conditions. We experimented with stepping it up a little after that but we found the limit and now we have our baseline for East Coast Thunder.”

Joining Zappia Racing once again this season will be major sponsors Fuchs Lubricants, Dananni Hotshots, Crow Cams, Noonan Race Engineering, Hoosier Tires, Muscle Car Warehouse  and Speedflow.

“We are proud to carry their names across Australia’s quickest Holden Monaro,” Zappia said. “We also welcome our many supporting sponsors for another season of drag racing.”The car will have a new look with naming rights sponsorship being available.

“We’ve had a fantastic long term relationship with Fuchs and we are happy they are remaining a part of the team as a major sponsor. Dananni Hotshots is also remaining on board as a major sponsor. What this means is that for the first time in many years our naming rights advertising is available. We would certainly welcome anyone who is interested in joining with Australia’s most successful Pro Slammer team to come to the pits and have a talk with us about how we can help promote their business.”

Zappia back in winner’s circle at Sydney Dragway

A ray of hope remains for John Zappia in the 2018/19 400 Thunder Pro Slammer championship after he won Nitro Thunder at Sydney Dragway on Saturday.

Zappia defeated Paul Mouhayet in a crowd-pleasing final, running a 5.65 to not only take the victory but also set low ET of the event.

While the pace of the Fuchs/Dananni Hotshots Monaro was on point for the final, the strongest performance came from the Zappia Racing crew, who needed to thrash in the pits after some minor damage in the second round.

“Our first test pass and our first round pass were both a bit messy, but we got the first round win and even a low ET for the round with a 5.83 as everyone else struggled with the conditions,” Zappia said.

“For the second round we changed some ratios in the B&J gearbox to maximise on the conditions and we went 5.74/250mph. That speed seemed down and sure enough when we checked the Noonan engine in the pits we found a burnt spark plug and a burnt piston due to a lean condition in the tune up.

“We needed to thrash to get the cylinder head off and put another CP Carrillo piston in. The crew had already worked their butts off through the day but they were like clockwork in getting us ready for the final.

“Time was against us and we didn’t even have the chance to set the tappets on one side and warm up the motor before we had to be in the staging lanes for the final. We got into the lanes in time for the final and thank Paul and his crew for giving us the time to be ready for start-up before starting their car!

“I had to just rev it up and go for it. My reaction time was a little slow, with our thrash just a few minutes earlier still on my mind. But the Fuchs/Dananni Hotshots Monaro made it through first gear clean and we were able to get the win.”

The run did get a little wild in the braking area for Zappia.

“I hit a few bumps and then realised I was in Paul’s lane after the finish line! I drove back into my lane to get out of his way and could finally calm down to absorb what had just happened.

“Paul came over and congratulated me and I got the good news about our 5.65. We had all been so busy just trying to turn the car around and once it all happened there was just as much relief as excitement.”

After taking the Fuchs/Dananni Hotshots Monaro to a photo shoot at Muscle Car Warehouse, the team loaded up to return to Perth. With just one round remaining in the championship – the Winternationals at Willowbank Raceway – Zappia said the focus was on bringing home the event win and using the cool winter conditions to improve on recent performances and get better consistency.

“The gap has closed up a little bit in the points (-61) and while it would still take a miracle to win the championship we are going to give it our best shot,” he said.

“We will go to the Winternationals hoping to win and end the season on a high for our sponsors and supporters. We need to win the meeting and get low ET and hope that Paul either doesn’t qualify or goes out first round. It’s a tall order, with so many top Pro Slammers entered, but not impossible.”

Top photo: cacklingpipes.com

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Zappia Racing welcomes new sponsor and heads to Darwin for Nitro up North 2018

John Zappia and Zappia Racing Promotions would like to welcome Parry Bitsikas and Billy from Muscle Car Warehouse as a Major Sponsor for the 2018/2019 Australian Drag Racing season.

Parry and Billy are both keen motor car enthusiasts having bought and sold many muscle and collectible cars over the years.

Their company, Muscle Car Warehouse has been set up for the motoring enthusiast who is interested in purchasing their Muscle Car dream, either as a personal or Superannuation investment.

Muscle Car Warehouse can also sell their collectible cars to interested investors or request a specific car for them to source. They can also assist with pricing guidelines and advice on the Muscle Car market.

Zappia Racing hope to have a successful 2018/2019 season and take Muscle Car Warehouse on our drag racing journey. A big thank you to Parry and Billy for putting their faith and sponsorship in Zappia Racing.

John Zappia and his race transporter are on their way to Darwin with the Fuchs Lubricants/Dananni Hotshots Monaro ready for the start of the 2018/2019 racing season.

John is excited about the upcoming season and to begin his clash with new series champion Paul Mouhayet and several other race teams who have recently stepped up and thrown out the challenge to the rest of the field.

Having set the Hidden Valley track record at 5.69 at last year’s Nitro up North, John is hoping to improve on his performance – having been knocked out in the quarter final with a mechanical issue.

John has given the Fuchs Lubricants/Dananni Hotshots Monaro a thorough check over and hopefully the car will perform as we know it can.

The all-run format will see all cars testing on the Friday night then the point scoring rounds run on Saturday 14th July 2018.

John and the Zappia Racing team always look forward to Nitro up North due to the incredible atmosphere at the track as well as catching up with our northern friends and supporters.

Zappia Racing are hoping to see as many Sponsors, friends and supporters at the Hidden Valley track visit us and check out the merchandise in front of our pit area.

Hidden Valley Drag Strip