Zappia win receives huge exposure at Nitro Up North

John Zappia’s northern swing began in the best way possible with a win at Nitro Up North at Darwin’s Hidden Valley Drag Strip.

In the first of three events that Zappia will contest in the Northern Territory, the Dananni Hotshots/Tony’s Auto Wreckers Monaro Top Doorslammer conquered some tricky track conditions at the huge event, which was telecast live nationally on 7 Plus, Fox Sports, Kayo and internationally on Superview live streaming.

“This was V8 Supercars, Australian Superbikes, Stadium Super Trucks, Graeme Cowan’s Outlaw Nitro Funny Cars and Top Doorslammer drag racing all being showcased on the same day, so we had the biggest Friday crowd Hidden Valley has ever seen,” he said. “The Hidden Valley track crew only had an hour to prepare the track, so it needed some runs on it to come good, which it did later in the night.”

The first round saw Zappia paired with race rival Daniel Gregorini, but problems with his Camaro meant the race became a solo.

“We began with a set up that was close to what we run in Perth. It carried the front wheels early before it started rattling and turning right. I had blurred vision from the shake, so I pedalled and steered to the left pretty hard and got it going again. I did a big drift up top and went through for a 6.38. It turned out to be low ET of the first round as everyone else was having trouble adjusting to the tricky track as well.”

The Zappia team made many changes to chase the conditions, including a different ratio in the B&J Transmission and some more downforce on the rear wing.

“We had a live onboard camera capturing everything I was saying before we started the car, giving some fans a behind the scenes look at how seriously we take every run!” Zappia said. “We made a few changes to make sure the car went down the track. We took on Bronte Henning and this time it got out clean and straight, with a 1.02 to 60 feet. I revved it out to the shift points, and was pretty happy when it turned out to be a 5.79/252mph. It was on rails, even though we had a lot of clutch dust coming out of it.”

The two wins were enough to put Zappia into the final against Kelvin Lyle. Zappia made some small adjustments to add power back in, cautious of the improving track surface.

“The track was getting better, we could see the Nitro Funny Cars were getting into the 5.7s and 5.6s. We were due to face Kelvin but unfortunately he broke a quill shaft and couldn’t make the run. We made our pass and we found we didn’t have enough clutch in the tune up but it was still quick with a 5.78/253mph, which was low ET of the event for the Top Doorslammers.”

Zappia was full of praise for the event, which showcased drag racing to a new audience and set new broadcast standards for the sport.

“To be involved in live TV put the pressure on, we had to turn around fast and get out there early, but it was absolutely worth it with massive exposure for our sponsors. The event had over 38,000 people through the gates across the weekend and the whole town was booked out, from hotels to hire cars. That’s what it is all about.”

Congratulations to the combined efforts of the NT Government, Supercars organisers, Graeme Cowin, Matt Abel from Hidden Valley Drag Strip, all the track staff and volunteers, ANDRA, Ray Treasure, Kevin Prendergast and all the media personnel for the effort in making this one of the best Motorsports event in Australia.

The Dananni Hotshots/Tony’s Auto Wreckers Monaro will remain in Darwin for the opening round of the ANDRA Top Doorslammer Championship on July 16-17, before heading to Alice Springs for the second round the following weekend on July 24-25.

“I’m excited for the championship to begin, with our new sponsor WA Suspensions joining us for the ride this season. I think we will be able to return to the 5.6s at Hidden Valley next time, and see if we can reset the track record.”

Photo credit:  Craig Radcliffe





John Zappia went back to his match racing roots on a tour of central and northern Australia over the past few weeks in the Fuchs Monaro.

With the Grudge Kings event at Sydney Dragway rained out, Zappia instead focused on the ‘northern swing’ that accompanies the opening two rounds of the ANDRA Summit Sportsman Series.

The Desert Nationals at Alice Springs Inland Dragway was first on the list, a unique track that is one the few venues at altitude in Australia, coming in at 1788 feet above sea level.

While Zappia holds the current track record for Pro Slammers at Alice Springs, this event proved tricky as the team tried to find a tune up that would work on the unique surface.

“Alice Springs is a track where you have to walk a razor’s edge, it can definitely hold good times as we have seen in the past but the window for an ideal run is very small,” Zappia said. “Along with the adjustments to the tune up to run at altitude, it makes for a challenge for crew chiefs. This time we weren’t able to master it to reset our track record, but we hope the fans enjoyed the big burnouts and wheelstands because we were trying our hardest out there.”

It wasn’t all bad news for Zappia, with a 3-1 match race victory against the Northern Territory’s Matt Abel, who joined Zappia for the northern swing.

The Fuchs team next moved on to Darwin’s Hidden Valley Drag Strip for the NT Nationals, again taking on Abel but still struggling to get back to the five second zone the team is known for.

“The track looked great at Darwin and the conditions weren’t too hot or humid, but again we were blowing the tyres off on the line and had some massive tyre shake,” Zappia said. “We got down to a 6.39 at 248mph, which showed the power was there but we just couldn’t get it to the ground.

“Matt had the local knowledge to get down with a 6.28 and we tied two all for the match racing.”

While there were no record runs or championship wins, Zappia said events such as the Desert Nationals and the NT Nationals were invaluable for the team to stay at the forefront of the Australian Pro Slammer scene.

“We learned stuff and we were developing the tune on the engine, we just didn’t get the clutch right,” he said. “It would have been nice to have some other cars to benchmark against, because sometimes it is hard to tell if there is something wrong with us or the track is just tricky. We had two great weekends though, meeting lots of fans and making sure that the Fuchs Monaro is Australia’s most well travelled Pro Slammer.

“Now it’s time to go right through the Fuchs Monaro and we will get ready for the Perth test and tunes in October and then we head off to Sydney for the East Coast Nationals in November.

“As well as our naming partner Fuchs, we’d like to thank Dananni Hotshots, Crow Cams and Muscle Car Warehouse for being right behind us.”








Zappia well prepared for Round 1 of Top Doorslammer (Updated)

Reigning ANDRA Top Doorslammer Champion John Zappia got to the A Final in the recent Jet Car Max Re-run event at the Perth Motorplex in the Top Comp Bracket, after a stellar 5.743 @ 252.10mph eliminator win.

“The car is pretty stout at the moment” said a smiling Zappia, “The 5.743 was a back up of the 5.718 we did in qualifying the week before – so that has given us good data for our preparation for Round 1 of Top Doorslammer this weekend”.

Zappia started proceedings at the Jet Car Max meeting with a pedaling 5.81 off the trailer, and the team made the necessary changes to get the Fuchs/Striker Crushing and Screening Monaro all set for the deciding eliminator at 8.00pm.

“The Crusher did rattle a little, so I short shifted and ran the car through for the win. In the final up against Weston in the Top Alcohol dragster, the car shook quite bad – I had to pedal and consequently a 5.941 @ 250.00 was not enough to win against his 5.657 @ 249.30mph”.

“The last few meetings here in Perth have been very successful for us, and we are quietly confident that the car will perform well. We have some super tough competitors in this round, who will be hungry racers longing for victory and to stop us from getting a good start to our campaign for a 8th straight ANDRA Championship”.

“The track has been well prepared by Rod Britton and his team so far this year, but still has its difficulties throughout race day that may catch out some teams – it has certainly caught us out with the current high temperatures and tight track”.

16 teams have entered for the Home Group WA Nitro Slam event, and 10 local Perth teams are presenting against 6 Eastern Staters.

“Perth drag racers are passionate about their blown alky racing – as we are at Zappia Racing – and it’s good to see the representation of Top Doorslammers teams. It’s a great show for the fans – plus they get to see some Nitro Funny Car and Top Bike action as well”.

Qualifying will start on Friday 9th January 2015 with Q1 at 6.00pm, Q2 at 8.00pm and Q3 at 10.00pm.

Eliminations follow the next day Saturday 10th January 2015 with Round 1 at 6.00pm, the Semi Final at 8.00pm, and Final at 10.00pm.

Sponsors and supporters are welcome to come down to the pits to see the car and meet John and the crewmembers and buy merchandise. Hopefully lots of fans will come along to support the many local Top Doorslammer teams.



Colin Balshore http://www.4style.com.au, Luke Nieuwhof www.dragnews.com.au


Pro Showdown @ Perth Motorplex



The signs are ominous for the rest of the field chasing 7-time Australian Top Doorslammer Champion John Zappia when Round 1 of the ANDRA Drag Racing Series begins at Perth Motorplex this Friday and Saturday (Jan 9-10).

As recently as two weeks ago Zappia drove the doors off his Fuchs/Striker Monaro on a 5.718 second run at the Motorplex showing why he has won seven Championships in a row.

“It was just lots of little fine adjustments,” said Zappia. ”We put the car on a diet and took some weight off the front of the car.

“It’s now wheel standing so we’re launching harder and it’s picking the front end up which is giving us more traction.”

More traction is the last thing his rivals want to hear but Zappia insists the gap is not so great with 2002 Champion Peter Kapiris making passes of 5.78 seconds previously.

“And he runs 5 or 6 mph faster than me,” added Zappia. “I’m not that comfortable. Anything can happen, whether I don’t react quickly or my car doesn’t react quickly, cutting a good light on a pro tree is a difficult task.

“Pete has run 5.78s numerous times and he’s run 257-258 mph which I can’t get near so that makes me nervous. There are a few guys running in the 5.80s so it doesn’t take much of a rattle.”

“At the level we’re at the car is less consistent because it’s on the edge, it’s closer to the edge where as we could run 5.81 or 5.82 five years ago within a hundredth every pass.

“But now it’s got more power so we’re closer to the edge and we’re trying to go a tenth quicker consistently so we may have to slow the car back to mid-5.70 to high 5.70s to try get that consistency.”

Zappia will be one of 16 drivers at the Home Group WA Nitro Slam vying to draw first blood in a shortened six-month season as the Championship returns to a fiscal year calendar.

He knows better than anyone that just one slip up in the chase can have a major impact on the final standings.

“We haven’t always started the best. So our focus really is on getting a good start and having no little silly things going wrong and costing us a race.

“We just want to qualify well and run a consistent car on race day so that we can go rounds.”

The ANDRA Drag Racing Series action featuring Top Doorslammer and Top Fuel Motorcycle gets underway from 6pm this Friday at Perth Motorplex and continues from 6pm Saturday night.

For more information and ticketing info, please click here

Image courtesy: High Octane Photos


Zappia Wins Nitro Thunder with track record 5.776

John Zappia is on a winning streak after winning the Top Comp bracket at the Perth Motorplex on the weekend, and re-setting the track record with a stunning 5.776 pass in the A Final. Following on from winning the first WA Top Doorslammer Championship last meeting, Zappia continued to prove the new shortened wing and gearing changes are starting to work as the team head into the start on the new ANDRA season from the 9th-10th January.

Top Comp is a Group 2 class exclusively run at the Motorplex, with supercharged dragsters, altereds and sedans running off local indexes based on track records. It’s a tough class, with some of the quickest blown alcohol vehicles in the country and allows all teams to run three times in front of the crowd, with A and B Finals decided by the 4 quickest passes at the 8.00pm eliminator.

Shane Weston in the Top Alcohol dragster top qualified with a 5.612 off a 5.630 index, followed by a stunning 5.942 by Wayne Keys in AA/AP trim on a 5.930 index. Murray O’Conner was the first of the Top Doorslammers who were off a super tough 5.89 index with a 5.922 pass, followed by Zappia on 5.940 and Gregorini on 6.043.

“We suffered tyre shake in the first two passes” said Zap, “I had to pedal and managed a 6.136 @244.56mph and 5.940 @ 247.93mph in qualifying. Our match up in the first eliminator was Steve Alridge in the Chev Top Doorslammer, so we had to make sure of a win and it had to be good enough for a finals berth”.

Zappia managed a pedaling 5.977 @ 247.25mph to take the win, as did Gregorini with a quick 5.955 @ 242.58mph to take them both to an A Final – a repeat of the last meeting event final.

“We knew we were not far off with our combo. We did a ratio change and added more clutch as the track was killer and came out hoping to improve on our previous passes and run into the five sevens as we did in the previous meeting”.

In a spectacular A Final, Zap left first with the quicker reaction time and with the help of a 0.999 sixty foot time roared to a track record 5.776 @ 250.00mph to narrowly defeat Daniel’s impressive 5.919 @ 244.56mph.

“That was a great race. Everything came together nicely on that pass – the crew were excellent at doing a quick B & J Transmission change between rounds, and we got our wheel speed closer to what we like and was able to hold it flat for the whole run”.

“Special thanks to all the crew and sponsors, track staff and Clyde from Bravo Resources for his trackside weld repairs”.

“Sponsorship and Advertising opportunities Minor or Major now exist with Zappia Racing for the new ANDRA Top Doorslammer Season starting January 1st 2015. So get on board with the Zappia Racing Team in our quest for an 8th Straight Championship and take your products and services to gain maximum exposure, trackside and on TV, Magazines, Facebook and Twitter Media”.

Contact John Zappia for more info.

Phil Blondel and Shane Everingham from Dragsmedia







Zappia Wins WA Drag Racing Top Doorslammer Championship

Fresh off winning a seventh back-to-back ANDRA Top Doorslammer Championship in Sydney, John Zappia presented for the WA Drag Racing Championship meeting at the Perth Motorplex and won the final.

Zap and his team headed back to Perth from Sydney a week ago with the damaged Fuchs/Striker Crushing Monaro – after a hard hit on the LH wall in Sydney, and faced with extensive repairs. He was also directed by ANDRA to cut the rear wing ten inches shorter as the Top Doorslammer design grandfather clause would expire at the end of 2014.

“The crew and our supporting sponsors worked very hard to get this car ready for the event” said Zappia, “We were keen to test our new rear wing design, in preparation for the new Top Doorslammer season. I am pleased to say that our design was a success, and we ran a Motorplex personal best speed of 252.80 mph and kept our directional stability.”

“Our qualifying runs saw the car launch to the right – the first pass I clicked it off early, and the second compulsory qualifying run at 6pm I pedaled the car and ran it through for a 5.967 to capture second spot in the qualifying order”.

The crew set about making the necessary suspension changes, and prepare for the first eliminator against Aldridge. The run was important, as it would determine entrance to either the A or B Final depending on ET.

“Staging better, and into a stiff headwind the Fuchs/Striker Crushing Monaro launched better and I was able to hold full throttle all the way to win with a 5.804 @ 252.80mph. That was good enough for an A Final berth.”

“The A Final saw me up against Gregorini in the Camaro. Into an even stiffer breeze the car went right off the launch, so I pedaled and wrestled the car back finally into the groove and drove it straight out the backdoor for a 5.835 @ 252.80mph win over Daniel’s 6.043 @ 241.93mph”.

“That was a great comeback for the team after our Sydney incident, and positive development with our aero package. Many thanks to Clyde at Bravo Resources for the chassis and rear wing work, Brett at Windrush Motorsport Composites for repairs, Jamal from Current Trendz for late night sign work, Nobby from Hiltone Body Works for the paintwork and all the crew that put in late nights to make it all happen”.

“It was great to have Craig Pedley (Managing Director of Striker Crushing and Screening) at the track to see his modified Crusher Monaro perform so well and win the event in his presence”.

“We now get ready for the Nitro Thunder event at Perth Motorplex on the 29th November and will try to improve on what we have already done in preparation for the start of the 2015 ANDRA Championship series which starts on January 9 & 10 for the Home Group WA Nitro Slam event”.




GREGORINI – 5.951 @ 241.93 DEF KEYS – 5.956 @ 241.28

DACK – 5.975 @ 240.00 DEF PRIOLO – 6.351 @ 232.55

ZAPPIA – 5.804 @ 252.80 DEF ALDRIDGE 21.189 @ 26.17

B Final:

KEYS – 6.040 @ 228.42 DEF DACK – 6.485 @ 162.74.

A Final:

ZAPPIA – 5.835 @ 252.80 DEF GREGORINI 6.043 @ 241.93


Perth Motorplex www.motorplex.com.au and High Octane Photos www.highoctanephotos.com


Zappia leads Championship by 138 points

John Zappia extends his lead in the 2014 Championship to 138 points after gaining 118 valuable points in Darwin.

- Event Winner – 100 points

- Top Qualifier 5.917 @ 251.96mph – 8 points

- Event Low ET  5.845 – 5 points

- Top Speed 254.14 mph – 5 points

ANDRA Top Doorslammer Championship Points Table




Merry Christmas from Zappia Racing

As the Christmas and New Year approaches, John Zappia and the Zappia Racing Team wish all sponsors, supporters, fans and friends a happy and safe festive season.

“It has been an amazing year for the Team” says Zap, “Winning the Slamfest Series was fantastic, and the ANDRA Pro Series Top Doorslammer Championship was a long shot early in the season – and for it to all come together like it did is still overwhelming”.

“We have come back to earth since that win, as we have entered our testing program for next season and encountered some challenges in trying to improve our start line and top speed”.

Zap presented the Fuchs Lubricants / Striker Crushing and Screening Monaro into Top Comp at the Perth Motorplex USA Jet meeting on 16th November.

“We had in a brand new clutch for trials, along with numerous other changes and we really had trouble getting the car to hook up – blazing the tyres on the hit in qualifying”.

In the Eliminator at 8pm Zappia faced Rob Pilkington in TA/FC trim who was running with the 5.56 track record as his handicap, and Zap on a 5.90 handicap.

“I had to pedal twice, and almost got Pilko but his 5.805 @ 225mph on an excellent 0.038 reaction was too good for my 6.174 @ 243.24mph”.

“We arranged a grudge race to do more testing and again I had to pedal and ran a 6.03 @ 248mph but in the braking area the car felt very strange, and indeed Lady Luck was with us as the crew discovered the diff spindle had sheared clean off and the rear wheel was on it’s way out”.

With Richard Zappia armed with new data and clutch guru Jerry with some homework to do on his new clutch, the crew packed up and headed to the large country town of Narrogin 192km south of Perth for the 21st Narrogin Revheads Home of Horsepower event. The Striker was on display and Zap started the car to the delight of the crowd.

Next event for Zappia Racing was the Nitro Thunder two-day event at the Perth Motorplex on 29 – 30th November, where Top Comp attracted 13 entries.

“We were rained out on the Friday night for our pass, so presented for the Saturday afternoon run. Nice strong burnout, but on the hit the hemi went mysteriously silent. Took us ages to find out the problem – a sheared quill shaft in the PSI blower. We had changed most components trying to find that, and just made it to the compulsory qualifier at 6pm”.

Zap completed his burnout, but had to pull to the side of the track as the engine went dead again.

“Well if it doesn’t rain it pours! We had another component failure unexpectedly, which killed the motor. We then had a draw up against Daniel Gregorini in the T/D Camaro who was still coming to terms with his PSI combination”.

The run was over in an instant as Zap rarely cherried the tree (-0.006) giving Gregorini the win. His 6.045 @ 242.58mph his best so far in the PSI, against Zap’s pedaling 6.052 @ 247.25mph.

“May as well get all the bad stuff out of the way in testing” lamented Zappia, “Disappointing to red light, but thatÕs racing. We still have work to do on the clutch and some new timing gear we have installed”.

“The team managed to squeeze in a grudge run – again up against Gregorini prior to the finals and ran a 6.22 with the Blower snout snapping off mid run. At this rate we’ll have all new parts for the start of the 2014 season”.

“We will take a break over the festive season, do some fishing and freshen up for next year’s racing and be back for the Nitro Max Meeting on the 10th and 11th January 2014″.

“Once again I thank all sponsors, supporters, crew and family for their support in our quest to be the best. Six straight ANDRA Top Doorslammer Championships is an awesome effort from a lot of people involved. Myself and all the team wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year”.


Zap Set for Adelaide Springnationals

Current and Five time Australian ANDRA National Champion, John Zappia heads to Adelaide for Round 7 of the Top Doorslammer Championship at the Lady Daly Hotel Springnationals to be held over 20th – 21st September, and is quietly confident the Fuchs Lubricants / Striker Crushing Monaro will perform well over the reduced 1,000 foot event.

“The car is going quick on current form and we ran 5.753 and 5.745 back to back runs at Round 6 at the Winters to top qualify and re-set the National Record, and ran 3.866 to Top Qualify and re-set the track record at Benaraby in the Slamfest series over the 1/8th mile. I think the car is back to its best, after struggling earlier in the season”.

“We have only been to Adelaide once since 1995 and that was for an exhibition event, so there will be a big learning curve as we don’t have much data. The track may end up deciding the state of play, as the crews battle to get the best setup and contain the power on a tricky track.

The crew and I will have to be on our A game and make sure everything is checked as we can’t afford to leave anything to chance. One mistake can decide the championship, so we’ll need to concentrate on what we can control and not try to break records at the expense of overpowering the track”.

Zappia racing welcomes new Major Sponsors PRG – Process Resource Group who specialise in mobile crushing, and will showcase the Speedmaster high performance engine parts branding from Procomp Electronics on the car at this meeting.

“A big thank you to all our new and existing sponsors and supporters who have been fantastic in their support. Our efforts to go Back-to-Back again in our Championship race will be tougher this year than any other, as Kapiris has a fair lead of 76 points on us with this and one other event to go. Without the support of all our sponsors, crew and supporters we could not have achieved these five successive championships and be in a position to fight it out for a sixth.

We would like to see as many of our sponsors and supporters at the track to cheer us on and hopefully keep our championship hopes alive.


Zappia: It’s all in Kapiris’ hands

John Zappia is used to late season charges to earn his five Top Doorslammer titles but says for this season it is points leader Peter Kapiris’ championship to lose with just two events remaining.

The Top Doorslammer field heads to Adelaide International Raceway (AIR) from September 20-21 for the Lady Daly Hotel Springnationals and Zappia says his Fuchs team will need nothing short of perfection to be in the running.

“I need to do everything possible to win it and it’s all in Peter’s hands to lose it,” he said. “If Peter doesn’t do anything wrong he can’t lose.

“I’d rather be on top but there’s many of our championships we’ve won coming from behind. A couple of first round loses for anyone can turn it all around.”

The season so far has been fickle for Zappia despite his second position in the points. The national record holder is yet to take an event win for the season while Kapiris has two on the books.

“Not qualifying at the Nationals in Sydney last year put us behind right from the start,” he said. “We’ve had bad luck but then any time Peter has had bad luck I wasn’t there to take advantage.”

With the tour now heading to AIR, it presents one of the biggest challenges of the season as the first time there has been a championship round over 1000 feet and the first time it has been to AIR since 2000.

“Adelaide is a big unknown, the traction there is the most different out of all the tracks we race at,” he said. “The track is getting better and better and I’m quietly confident I can master it.

“The 1000 feet is to my advantage because Peter’s big top end speed won’t come into play as much over that distance. If we come out of Adelaide smiling it will mean the championship is doable at the Australian Nationals in November.”

Zappia expects low five second times and with new sponsor Process Resource Group on board the first four second pass over 1000 feet by a Top Doorslammer at AIR may be a possibility.

“We should be able to get it into the fours, it depends on how good that part of the track from 1000 to 200 feet is and what the weather brings,” he said. “The air conditions are going to be killer at this time of year and overpowering the track will be on the cards for a lot of people. It’s working out how to tame it.”

Kapiris is currently 76 points ahead of Zappia, with six times champion Victor Bray also still in the hunt.

If Kapiris can stretch his lead to over 118 points then the championship will be entirely his, while anything over a lead of 98 points means he just has to make a qualifying pass at the season-ending Australian Nationals in Sydney to seal the deal.

The Top Doorslammers will be joined in Adelaide by Pro Stock and Pro Stock Motorcycle plus a round of the Aeroflow Sportsman Drag Racing Championship.


Zappia Racing on the road.

John Zappia and his Zappia Racing team are on the road with the Fuchs/Procomp Electronics Monaro, in their new transporter in between ANDRA Pro Series Top Doorslammer meetings.

On 26th August this year Zap and the team travelled to Adelaide International Raceway for the eighth mile Doorslammer Challenge, and finished with third quickest ET, and fastest mph for the event.

“That meeting in Adelaide was just fantastic” said a smiling Zap, “It had been seventeen years since we raced there in the Australia vs USA Doorslammer Shootout in 1994, and the crowd was huge and very enthusiastic”.

“I managed some pedaling, sideways, out of shape 4.26 and 4.24 passes, and the blower belt came off in the third pass cutting the ignition off at 500 feet. Still went 4.40 though! Great to see the fans still love drag racing in South Australia – we will certainly be back to race there”.

The Team headed back to Perth for the Top Fuel meeting on 2-3rd Dec at the Perth Motorplex, and ran in the local Top Comp bracket. The Fuchs/Procomp Electronics Monaro managed a 6.00 @ 247.25mph after a pedal from Zap, and in the second pass a fuel line came loose with a burst panel going on a lean cylinder”.

“We were happy with the incrementals for the two runs – the second was on a 5.80 pass we feel before the incident. Many thanks to Fuchs and Procomp Electronics for assisting with the new graphics on the transporter. The feedback from fans and supporters was great, and we are really happy with how the Team presents now”.

The team will next race in Perth on 6-7th Jan at the Nitro Funny Car event, where Zap will contest in the Top Comp bracket and further refine their quarter mile package.

Then Zappia Racing will head back east for the Slamfest Series organized by Pro Modified Australia – eighth mile racing on regional tracks. All Slamfest events will receive extensive television coverage with one hour shows on Speedweek on SBS, and Inside Speed on Foxsports plus stand-alone one hour self-titled Doorslammer shows on FuelTV, Foxsports HD and for international distribution. An additional 30 minute Full Noise show will also appear on Foxsports.

Heathcote Park Raceway will host a Slamfest on 21st Jan 2012, and is Victoria’s leading regional motorsport facility located just 25km south of Bendigo, off the McIvor Highway. Built in 1975 the venue has hosted some of Australia’s largest Drag Racing events and features one of the oldest and longest Quarter Mile Drag Strips in the country.

Fuchs South Coast Raceway in Portand on the southern coast of Victoria will host the next Slamfest on 3- 4th Feb 2012, and is proudly named the “best little drag strip in OZ”.

“We have never raced at Heathcote or Portland, so we are looking forward to those dates. We set the track record at Mildura with a 4.02 @ 191mph, and we hope to improve on that and dip into the three’s”.

The next round is across the Tasman to Launceston Tasmania at the Tasmanian Drag Racers Association’s Dragway Tasmania track on 18th Feb 2012. Zappia Racing last raced there a couple of years ago in Zap’s Rat in exhibition runs, and the new “Crusher” Fuchs/Procomp Electronics Monaro will get a go on the newly updated track, including concrete start line and barrier walls.

After the three rounds of Slamfest Eighth Mile racing, the team will head back to Perth for Round Three of the ANDRA Top Doorslammer Championship at the Westernationals on 3-4th March 2012 at the Perth Motorplex, where Zap will attempt to rein in Peter Kapiris who leads the series with 279.5 points, and stop fellow West Australian Robin Judd who trails Zap (209.5 points) on 187.5 points.

John Zappia and his team wish all their sponsors, supporters, fans and the drag racing community a Merry and safe Christmas, and a Very Happy New Year.