Zappia wins third straight East Coast Nationals

On Saturday John Zappia beat legend Victor Bray in the final of the East Coast Nationals at Western Sydney International Raceway, Sydney Australia to win Round 1 of the Australian ANDRA Top Doorslammer Championship – with a five second pass!

Zap has to be close to being proclaimed the formost alky doorslammer tuner in this country, with performances of 6.036, 5.988, 6.031, 6.006, and 5.965 demonstrating mastery over the difficult PSI blower and lock up clutch combination used here in Australia. No other team came close to that sort of consistency, but several racers notified the class that their performances are approaching the magic five second zone.

On Friday Zap top qualified in the Striker Monaro Top Doorslammer with a 5.988et on his second qualifier, after running a 6.036et earlier. “First pass I got out of the groove to the left, which is unsual for our car. We had changed a lot of weight distribution on the car including Aurora’s new protoype four link rod ends, and it took us a while to set up the suspension again.” said Zap, “It still went hard though, and made an interesting tyre hopping stop in the braking area. Second qualifier was dead straight and I actually short shifted to second and third – just shows how much torque we are making to run a five.”

“First round run against Brett “The Boss” Stevens was a danger run for us, as Brett can pull some amazing performances from nowhere. I must have staged crooked, as I took off to the left again, but managed to bring it back for a nice 6.031et @ 237.13mph and a win over Brett’s 6.989et @ 214.40mph.”

“The Semi Final run against Stuart Bishop again was a possibility of a tough race as well. The newcomer to Top Doorslammer is making some serious horsepower in his Camaro with huge mph, and a 6.022 in qualifying. The car went dead straight on this run and really hauled to a 6.006et @ 239.61mph win. Speaking to Bishop at the end of the track, he showed me the graze marks on the side of the car where he hit the wall after a monster wheelstand and 6.401et @ 203.03mph awkward pass.”

“The final was up against my old mate Victor. Seems like yesterday we were running mid sixes in our old Outlaw cars against each in the early 90′s at the now closed Ravenswood International Raceway in Perth. We hotted the TFX up a little for the final run and gave the clutch a little more to ensure we had the power. Victor got me on the startline and I could see him ahead of me out of the corner of my eye, but when I punched second the Striker Monaro torque monster edged ahead and really took off to a 5.965et @ 240.85mph win – around half a car ahead of Victor who managed a 6.045et @ 230.33mph.”

“I am thrilled to have won this event again – we love the track and the atmosphere here in Sydney, and have lots of special memories, today included. Many thanks to the Zappia Racing crew, who were sensational over the weekend working on the Rat. We have delivered for our naming rights sponsors Striker Crushing and Screening, and Major Sponsors Rentco, Pigdon Portable Restorations, Fuchs, AGI Insulation, Trustek, Mickey Thompson Tyres, Beta Spuds, and our longest serving major sponsors Southside Engine Centre. We are aiming to win the Championship this year, and this win is a good start towards that process.”

“We are now looking forward to round 2 of Top Doorslammer at Willowbank for the 42nd Australian Nationals in 2 weeks time (14-16 Sept) where we will lock horns with Victor on his home track and another top field of Doorslammers. We hope to repeat the results of this weekend and would love to see as many of our sponsors, friends and supporters at Willowbank to cheers us on”.


Top Doorslammer 2006/2007 Championship Runner-up John Zappia and his Zappia Racing Team are in Sydney, Australia well prepared for the new season opening round of Top Doorslammer at the AC Delco East Coast Nationals, hosted at Western Sydney International Raceway.

Nestled inside the Zappia Racing pit area is the most potent sedan car in the country – the Striker Top Doorslammer Monaro. World record holding, and still the quickest doorslammer in the land of Oz with the ANDRA National Record certificate proudly hanging on Zap’s wall at home, the Striker Monaro now has the potential to go even quicker.

“With Striker Crushing and Screening increasing their naming rights sponsorship, and ordering a second Top Doorslammer to be built for Striker Director Craig Pedley to drive, we are pretty excited and well prepared for the next few seasons at the top of the sport.” said an animated Zappia in Sydney this week, “We have a number of new sponsors finalising their packages with us, and we welcome Major Sponsors Pigdon Portable Restorations, AGI Insulation who join Rentco, Fuchs, Trustek, Mickey Thompson Tyres and Southside Engine Centre who have resigned for the new season.”

“All this backing has allowed us to purchase brand new gear like the rest of the top runners have been doing – brand new PSI Supercharger, brand new TFX block, the latest cranks and heads – all components that will allow us to go even quicker – maybe into the 5.8 zone, and faster – hopefully into the 245mph zone.”

“The PSI Supercharger has different characteristics to the Whipple Supercharger we have been using. Besides being 40 pounds lighter, the boost comes on a lot quicker and stronger – the reason you see teams blowing tyres off, shaking and having difficulty getting a tune just right to settle the car down. But we have been tuning blown alky engines for over 20 years now, and with the Motec Datalogger and other software programs we have developed, my job of tuning is easier these days.”

“We have a head start with this new combination, having already gone 5 seconds after the third pass at a local round in Perth last season. Good enough to start the new season with I reckon. We continue to chase the one percent areas, with fine tuning and experimentation to get extra performance needed to keep ahead of the pack.”

John Zappia will be competing against nineteen other fierce Top Doorslammer teams on Friday night eliminations, all fighting for eight spots in the elimination rounds.

“This East Coast Nationals has become our signature event – winning the last two in a row and featuring the World’s first five second doorslammer pass. I have had good luck here at WSID, and a lot of good memories. Fans are more than welcome in our pit area and I take time out to personally sign merchandise and have a quick chat to fans.”