Zap ready for Motorvation

John Zappia will have both the Striker Crushing and Screening Top Doorslammer HQ Monaros on display this weekend at the annual Motorvation spectacular, with a good range of merchandise for race fans.

Motorvation is one of Australia’s greatest Street Machine and Custom Car shows, and returns to the Perth Motorplex this Saturday and Sunday. Motorvation 24 has it all – a huge Burnout comp, Tint a Car Miss Motorvation, Alberts Car stereo Sound Off, Dyno comp, Crusiing, the Elite Pavilion and over 800 Street Machines.

“We enjoy this event as it’s pretty low key for us” said Zap, “and we get a chance to talk to a lot of fans and other motoring enthusiasts. This is the first time ever both race cars – my old faithful “Zap’s Rat”, and Craig Pedley’s new “Crusher” – will be on display together”.

Zap comes off a weekend of Top Comp racing, where his performances at the event place him equal point’s leader in the Championship on 365 points alongside Wayne Keys.

Friday night’s qualifying at the Top Fuel event saw Zap haze the tyres on the hit, but recovered with a huge pedal and drove it out the back door for a 6.312 @ 237.46mph.

“Well that run was interesting. I made a very well educated prediction on the tune, and Gerry and I worked out the clutch setting we wanted – but the track was just not there and quicker than an eye can blink the Crusher lost traction. The second run was better after corrections to the tune and setup, with a 5.840 @ 245.23mph getting us back in the “five eight” zone again”.

Saturday’s racing started with a compulsory qualifier at 6pm, and Zap was unable to better his time set on Friday going 5.854 @ 244.56mph, with 60 foot times a little slower.

“That put us 5th in the Top Comp qualifying list – 0.580 under my 6.420 handicap index., behind hard chargers Pilko, Minogue, Rowland and Gregorini who all ran six tenths or quicker under their indexes”.

“I drew Shane Weston first round in his AA/D dragster and won with another “five eight” – three in a row! The 5.886 @ 243.90mph was too good for Weston’s 5.935 @ 235.60mph, but not enough for a final’s berth. Our good friend Jeffrey Clarke picked up the A Final win in his super hot AA/D dragster, and nearly managed his first five second pass, running 6.000 @ 229.59mph”.

“We are pretty happy to run those three consecutive “five eights” – all within five hundredths of each other. Sets us up nicely for the ANDRA Pro Series Top Alcohol meeting on 29/30th Jan 2010, and the Top Doorslammer Round 4 meeting at the Summernationals in Sydney on 12/13th Feb 2010″.

Fans are welcome in the main pavilion where back-to-back Top Doorslammer Champion John Zappia will be available for autographs and a chat.


Zap: Top Comp – how good can it get.

John Zappia – National Top Doorslammer Champion and National Record Holder remains committed to the local Top Comp competition this weekend, by presenting Craig Pedleys Striker “Crusher” Top Doorslammer at the ANDRA Pro Series Top Fuel Meeting. Top Comp is group two racing, and a local Perth Motorplex variant of the ANDRA Competition bracket, designed to foster blown alcohol racers emerging from sportsman racing into the professional ranks. It has produced champions.

Western Australia has an amazing heritage in blown alcohol racing, producing no less than 20 of the 28 set national blown alcohol et and speed national records (not including minimums not yet set as records). John Zappia is the known pioneer of blown alcohol racing in this part of the world, by plonking a funny car hemi engine into his original “Zap’s Rat” HQ Holden in the 1980′s and was the first into the sevens, first into the sixes, and recently first in to the fives in a doorslammer – creating a huge fan base and inspiring a generation of racers eager to catch up.

“I am proud of my fellow West Aussie blown alcohol racers” said Zap this week, “How could it be that I can top qualify in ANDRA Pro Series Top Doorslammer rounds with 5.9 second passes – but only qualify mid field in Top Comp in Perth, based on the performances of a bunch of teams that are hell bent on setting so many records?”

“We are joint leaders in the Top Comp Championship being equal with local stalwart Wayne Keys, after an B Final appearance at the Boxing Day meeting. A 5.921 @ 243.24mph and 5.941 @ 240.00mph during qualifying were only good enough for fourth in the qualifying list. Pilkington in the AA/ FC, and Gregorini in the AA/AP Slammer managed to go under their national records, and newcomer Jeffery Clarke was impressive in the BB/ D Dragster going 6.196.”

“I drove around O’Conner in the first round with a 5.912 @ 242.58mph off a 0.006 to O’Connor’s 0.004 reaction time but was only good enough for a B Final against Debbie O’Rourke. The final was a disappointment with insufficient air in the air bottle preventing me from shifting into top gear”

“Take a look at the quality here in Top Comp – you have myself, Judd – a previous National Record Holder, and Croker (AA/D National Record Holder) just going 6.02 in his new Camaro, leading Top Doorslammers with Murray O’Conner nipping at our heals in the stunning Falcon (and who claimed the AA/AP national speed record recently). Dave Simpson’s new Mustang slammer is stunning and early testing has raised eyebrows.

“In Funny Car you have Pilko running below the national record, Debbie O’Rourke (who beat me in the B Final last week with a 5.937) doing well, Treasure with an awesome team, Begley and Glassby learning the ropes, and McClure has found form with a whipple. Rowland has entered his national record holding AA/A altered this event, and quick youngster Freer has joined Marchant and Clarke in the dragsters.”

“AA/AP is a tough class and national record holders Brennan will take on serious contenders Keys (former national record holder) and Gregorini, with Carboni resting his Camaro. Minogue in his CC/CA national record holding Falcon will test all after regularly going nine tenths under his index in past meetings”.

“We will continue to present with the Striker Monaro and run 5.9′s consistently, with 5.8′s depending on the weather and track conditions. I have been attending to the usual unscheduled incidents in the last few meetings – something our team is very well trained for. It’s all very well to have everything go right on a meeting, but history has shown us that wins can come from nowhere during an event. We never give up – always present for every race we can. Always give it our best – maximum burnouts and effort for the fans. It’s our philosophy – go the extra mile on everything.”

“My research and development to go 5.7 is well under way and may happen this season. I remember our plan to run the “first five’ a few years ago was a huge dream for all of us, and that was an amazing achievement, Top Doorslammer has progressed as a class since then, and teams in Australia and the US have discovered the secrets of door car drag racing. Our improvements from now on in are in smaller increments, and prone to conditions being right. Make no mistake – we still get excited to be able to run consistent five second passes”

“So support our local racers who are the quickest and fastest in the county in blown alcohol this weekend, and enjoy the incredible experience of Top Fuel as a bonus. Racing starts on Friday and Saturday nights at 6pm.”