Solid runs for Zap

In front of his home crowd last meeting, reigning ANDRA Top Doorslammer Champion John Zappia competed in the local Top Comp bracket and performed some solid runs in difficult conditions to prepare for the next round of the Pro Series Top Doorslammer event at the Perth Motorplex Westernationals.

“We tried a few innovations this meeting and were pleased with the results” said Champ Zap, “The weather was a challenge for most teams over the weekend, so it was still an equal playing field. We now have data in the system for those conditions.”

“Craig Pedley is still happy for me to run his car, as he is busy running around the globe building his Striker Crushing and Screening business. I am more than happy to be running this state of the art race car”.

Friday night qualifying saw the Procomp Motorsport Monaro lay down a 5.986 pass at 244.56mph straight pass off the trailer. “I got held up on the start line and ended up deep staging and running a 1.10 sixty foot time, but we were pretty happy with that pass as it could have been a low 5.9 or better”

Second qualifier on Saturday saw the timing system give an erroneous time, and then the third qualifier gave Zap a 6.012 @ 241.24mph timesheet. “That was a good run on a very sticky track, considering the heat and humidity. Our data showed us we had never run in that much humidity before”. The 5.986 slotted Zap into seventh place in the qualifying order – 0.415 under the 6.40 index.

Zap drew Anderson in the BB/G Torana for the Eliminator, and won with a 5.951 @ 243.24mph to Anderson’s slowing 8.961. “We stepped the car up in every area for this pass, and considering the conditions we were very happy with the result”. The win put the Procomp Motorsport Monaro sixth in the win list, not enough for a B Final.

“This is a good lead into the Westernations in March. We are confident this year, after winning last year’s event – the first ever in all my years racing in Perth. We are hungry for the win, and to set ourselves up for our team goal of another Championship”.

“I am also confident given the right weather conditions, of being the first door car to run a 5.7 pass in the country. The Perth Motorplex has got the track very sticky lately, and my developments on the race car in the last few months will all help in maybe pulling off the quickest pass. We already are the quickest in Australia, being the National Record Holder with a 5.805, but we always want to do better”.

“Thanks to our local Western Australian sponsors and supporters, who came to the last meeting to offer their support. Having so many people involved is a great morale booster for us all, and makes all the hard work we do worthwhile”.


Zappia Tuning Up for Westernationals

Zappia Racing are in their home town of Perth, Western Australia for their next drag racing meeting, competing in one of the most popular events on the calendar – ANDRA Pro Series Top Fuel. Hot summer days are forecast, and huge crowds will inundate the Perth Motorplex on Friday 28th and Saturday 29th to watch eight fuelers and over forty blown cars compete in various brackets.

“We are looking forward to scoring well in Top Comp” said a confident John Zappia, “We will be back to our usual game this weekend and will take it up to the front runners. Our tough group one Top Doorslammer index is harder for us to get a final than other group two racers, but it drives us to search for extra ways to go quicker and in doing so improves our performance for Top Doorslammer events”.

Zappia ran a 5.938 @ 240.64 mph qualifying pass last meeting in the Procomp Motorsport Monaro to slot into fifth spot in Top Comp qualifying, before dipping back into the “five eights” with a solid 5.857 @ 242.58 mph elimination round win.

“It was great to go quick again last meeting. We were trying some new setups on the car in the last few meetings, and to be frank theories are just that until the car can prove them on the track. As good as we are as National Champions, these Top Doorslammer cars are complex and difficult race cars to get down the track quick and fast, and we are pushing the boundaries to go “five seven””.

“The Americans are making huge advancements in eighth mile ADRL drag racing in the US and Middle East, but those developments don’t always work in quarter mile racing but here in Australia we have our own work to do with our unique setups, tracks and weather conditions”.

“We are still a good chance in Top Comp here in Perth, running fifth behind Clark, Pilkington, Weston, and Gregorini on points. You never know what can happen in drag racing and any racer can win given the right conditions and a certain amount of luck”.

Zappia Racing are building up to the next round of ANDRA Top Doorslammer here in Perth at the Westernationals in March. Running fourth, Zap is keen to come from behind and clinch a fourth successive Championship with his winning ways.

“Running here in Perth is great for our local Major sponsors Striker Crushing and Screening, Beta Spuds, Southside Engine Centre, and PPG, and for our close friends involved as Supporting Sponsors. Legend Boat Builders kicked off the original sponsorship with the new Zap’s Rat, and Kounis Metal Industries were deeply involved in construction as well”. Racing in Perth also helps promote Procomp Motorsport and Procomp Electronics, our naming rights sponsors, who have given us great support and we hope to help promote their quality products via our website and through their very professional and very well priced online store.

“New locals MiCamcorder and Soltoggio Bros have given us great support with in-car and camera footage and transporter upgrades, and we always get stunning graphics on the cars and transporter with Current Trendz, and trick looking headers from CIC Performance Coatings. We work pretty closely with Bravo Resources these days, as their design work and ex-aviation background produces excellent new components that work. Keeping the aviation connection going, we use Avtrac Maintenance Tracking software written by Aero Group that is a key component in our data management”.

“All this local support including unmentioned individuals who continually drop in and give to the team, give Zappia Racing a depth of knowledge that make for a winning combination. But most of all it’s the crew that bring professionalism and consistency to the team and not forgetting Diz and Lex who help out with Merchandising, chute packing and keeping the crew well fed and hydrated”.


Zap stays for Night of Fire – Willowbank cancelled

Reigning Australian Champion John Zappia has decided to run his Procomp Motorsports Top Doorslammer this meeting at the Perth Motorplex, after Willowbank International Raceway cancelled the upcoming ANDRA Pro Series Top Doorslammer round due to bad weather, and flooding in that state.

“It has put us a day behind on short notice” said Zap, “but we will make it, and welcome the chance to run the car here for our local sponsors and fans. The Crusher will run in Top Comp in full Top Doorslammer trim as usual, and we look forward to putting in some quick times and gaining points in the Championship”.

“Our thoughts go to racers and fans that have been affected by the flooding and the state of emergency in Queensland”.