Zappia Top Qualifies with a 5.683 @253.52 mph and wins Round 1of ANDRA Top Doorslammer with a 5.86.

In an extraordinary event at the Perth Motorplex that entertained the crowd to the fullest, the first Top Doorslammer match up in the wild west saw Maurice Fabietti and John Zappia tussle through the other fourteen teams and battle it out in the final.

Maurice was in form this weekend with several five eighty passes, and Zappia was on fire with a huge 5.683 @ 253.52 in qualifying, but struggling to get his power to hold the track. Maurice nearly pulled it off – getting a whole shot on the champ, and getting a car length in front by half-track. But that awesome power of the Fuchs/Striker Crushing Monaro kicked in in second gear, and he roared past him at the finish line.

“It’s a great start to our 2015 championship campaign and sets us up nicely for the Westernationals here in a few weeks” said Zappia, “It’s only five rounds this season so each event is going to be critical”.

“It would have been nice to back up our 5.683 run but the track was a little tricky this weekend and we made some changes that went the wrong way – we have noted that in our data for future meetings”.

Qualifying on Friday night was spectacular with sixteen teams battling it out in near perfect weather – 26 degrees C (78 F), 29% humidity, and 1400ft density altitude.

Local knowledge seemed to play a part as six of the eight qualifiers (plus one ex sand groper) managed to get into the tough five-second field. Surprise non-qualifiers were Kapiris, Phillips, and Bishop.

Round one racing saw four match ups, with all teams struggling to get the power down. All passes were unrepresentative, with Dack defeating Gregorini; O’Rourke defeating Keys; Fabietti defeating O’Connor, and Zappia taking out Priolo. Zappia won his pairing with a 6.128, which was the quickest of the first round.

In the semi-final Fabietti turned in a quick 5.870 @ 246.57mph to dispose of O’Rourke who rolled the beams. Zappia was up against local Marty Dack.

“I knew this round was critical – Marty has gone five eight in his Falcon, and we had struggled a little since the quick run we did. The Monaro launched hard but shook – I gave it a tap on the throttle, shifted 2nd and ran a quick pass of 5.817 @ 251.39mph”.

“The Fuchs / Striker Monaro has a lot of power, but the tuning window is getting smaller – so our set-up decisions are getting more critical. I made some minor changes for the final but it was a repeat of the semi-final pass and got lucky with Fab blowing the burst panel”.

“I saw Fab nose over just before the finish line” said an animated Zappia, “I am not sure I would have got him otherwise. I had to pedal in first gear as the car shook, but it hooked up nice on the one-two shift and reeled him in”.

Zappia Racing would like to welcome MACA as a new Major Sponsor and hope they are happy with the start of our association. MACA Ltd is a mining and civil construction company with a team of over a thousand industry-experienced personnel, They offer contract mining, civil earthworks, crushing and screening and material haulage solutions tailored to the needs of your company. A big thank you to Craig Pedley from Striker Crushing and Screening who brokered the new sponsorship deal.

“Also happy to announce that Speedmaster have resigned for the 2015 season and would also like to thank Coch from Beta Spuds for their support over that last 11 years, who’s sponsorship was greatly appreciated”.

“A big thanks to our crew and support staff this weekend who worked tirelessly to keep the Fuchs/Striker Crushing Monaro at the pointy end of the field. Also thank you to Clyde from Bravo Resources and Billy from Windrush Motorsport Composites for their efforts to repair the damaged front end before first round. Also want to thank Aurora Bearing Company and Santhuff Suspension Specialties for the new 2″ Double adjustable front struts that we recently fitted to the car prior to running our 5.718”.

“Our development program is working well – with a world-class 5.68 – a week after the 5.71, that shows us the potential of the car. I actually pedalled the car on that run as well, so it has more in it if I can hold my foot flat from start to finish. We still need to get our set up right to allow us to be more consistent based on varying track conditions”.

Zappia Racing return to the Motorplex for the 44th Westernationals and Round 2 of the ANDRA Top Doorslammer Championship on 30th Jan 2014.

We would love to see as many of our Sponsors and supporters come to the track and visit our pits and say hello. There will be Zappia Racing Merchandise for sale and John will be only too happy to sign any of the Merchandise purchased.

NitroSlam! @ Perth Motorplex









Photos courtesy of Perth Motorplex


Zap Top Qualifies with 5.68 Pass

John Zappia stunned the local Perth Motorplex crowd on the qualifying opening night of Top Doorslammer Round 1 with a 5.683 @ 253.52mph pass that took him to the top of the qualifying order of 16 cars.

Eight teams qualified for today’s eliminations – all with sub six second runs, with surprise non-qualifiers Kapiris, Phillips and Bishop.





Photos courtesy of the Perth Motorplex     www.perthmotorplex.com.au

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Zappia well prepared for Round 1 of Top Doorslammer (Updated)

Reigning ANDRA Top Doorslammer Champion John Zappia got to the A Final in the recent Jet Car Max Re-run event at the Perth Motorplex in the Top Comp Bracket, after a stellar 5.743 @ 252.10mph eliminator win.

“The car is pretty stout at the moment” said a smiling Zappia, “The 5.743 was a back up of the 5.718 we did in qualifying the week before – so that has given us good data for our preparation for Round 1 of Top Doorslammer this weekend”.

Zappia started proceedings at the Jet Car Max meeting with a pedaling 5.81 off the trailer, and the team made the necessary changes to get the Fuchs/Striker Crushing and Screening Monaro all set for the deciding eliminator at 8.00pm.

“The Crusher did rattle a little, so I short shifted and ran the car through for the win. In the final up against Weston in the Top Alcohol dragster, the car shook quite bad – I had to pedal and consequently a 5.941 @ 250.00 was not enough to win against his 5.657 @ 249.30mph”.

“The last few meetings here in Perth have been very successful for us, and we are quietly confident that the car will perform well. We have some super tough competitors in this round, who will be hungry racers longing for victory and to stop us from getting a good start to our campaign for a 8th straight ANDRA Championship”.

“The track has been well prepared by Rod Britton and his team so far this year, but still has its difficulties throughout race day that may catch out some teams – it has certainly caught us out with the current high temperatures and tight track”.

16 teams have entered for the Home Group WA Nitro Slam event, and 10 local Perth teams are presenting against 6 Eastern Staters.

“Perth drag racers are passionate about their blown alky racing – as we are at Zappia Racing – and it’s good to see the representation of Top Doorslammers teams. It’s a great show for the fans – plus they get to see some Nitro Funny Car and Top Bike action as well”.

Qualifying will start on Friday 9th January 2015 with Q1 at 6.00pm, Q2 at 8.00pm and Q3 at 10.00pm.

Eliminations follow the next day Saturday 10th January 2015 with Round 1 at 6.00pm, the Semi Final at 8.00pm, and Final at 10.00pm.

Sponsors and supporters are welcome to come down to the pits to see the car and meet John and the crewmembers and buy merchandise. Hopefully lots of fans will come along to support the many local Top Doorslammer teams.



Colin Balshore http://www.4style.com.au, Luke Nieuwhof www.dragnews.com.au


Pro Showdown @ Perth Motorplex



The signs are ominous for the rest of the field chasing 7-time Australian Top Doorslammer Champion John Zappia when Round 1 of the ANDRA Drag Racing Series begins at Perth Motorplex this Friday and Saturday (Jan 9-10).

As recently as two weeks ago Zappia drove the doors off his Fuchs/Striker Monaro on a 5.718 second run at the Motorplex showing why he has won seven Championships in a row.

“It was just lots of little fine adjustments,” said Zappia. ”We put the car on a diet and took some weight off the front of the car.

“It’s now wheel standing so we’re launching harder and it’s picking the front end up which is giving us more traction.”

More traction is the last thing his rivals want to hear but Zappia insists the gap is not so great with 2002 Champion Peter Kapiris making passes of 5.78 seconds previously.

“And he runs 5 or 6 mph faster than me,” added Zappia. “I’m not that comfortable. Anything can happen, whether I don’t react quickly or my car doesn’t react quickly, cutting a good light on a pro tree is a difficult task.

“Pete has run 5.78s numerous times and he’s run 257-258 mph which I can’t get near so that makes me nervous. There are a few guys running in the 5.80s so it doesn’t take much of a rattle.”

“At the level we’re at the car is less consistent because it’s on the edge, it’s closer to the edge where as we could run 5.81 or 5.82 five years ago within a hundredth every pass.

“But now it’s got more power so we’re closer to the edge and we’re trying to go a tenth quicker consistently so we may have to slow the car back to mid-5.70 to high 5.70s to try get that consistency.”

Zappia will be one of 16 drivers at the Home Group WA Nitro Slam vying to draw first blood in a shortened six-month season as the Championship returns to a fiscal year calendar.

He knows better than anyone that just one slip up in the chase can have a major impact on the final standings.

“We haven’t always started the best. So our focus really is on getting a good start and having no little silly things going wrong and costing us a race.

“We just want to qualify well and run a consistent car on race day so that we can go rounds.”

The ANDRA Drag Racing Series action featuring Top Doorslammer and Top Fuel Motorcycle gets underway from 6pm this Friday at Perth Motorplex and continues from 6pm Saturday night.

For more information and ticketing info, please click here

Image courtesy: High Octane Photos