Zap Shines Bright at 2016 Nationals

In a spiritual renewal, drag racing returned to Calder Park in Melbourne Australia last weekend in a big way with the running of the 2016 Nationals that attracted great crowds on both days and some close competition.

Reigning eight times back-to-back ANDRA Champion John Zappia showed why he is the champ in a stunning display of driving and tuning to win the event and take a commanding 144 point lead in the 2016 Championship.

Zap gained 100 points for the win, 7 for qualifying second, 5 points for low ET (and the Calder Track Record), and 5 points for Top Speed. Kapiris gained a valuable 85 points to gain second spot with a final appearance.

“Great event, thanks to Peter Pisalidis, Ray Treasure and all the ANDRA staff”, said Zap, “It was great to be back here in Melbourne, and to take the win for Fuchs and all our other sponsors. It was a tricky meeting for Top Doorslammers with the track and weather conditions, but we are thrilled with the result”.

Saturday qualifying in front of a good crowd produced some spectacular runs from the Top Doorslammer wild beasts as the drivers struggled to keep them in a straight line.

“First qualifier in the burnout the Crusher just jumped lanes! On the run I had to pedal three times and was able to put down a 6.103 to come in at No 2. That was a scary run with the car heading towards the wall really quickly – the second qualifier was a little better but still had trouble keeping the Fuchs Monaro in a straight line – a few stabs at the throttle were needed to keep it sort of straight, and managed a 6.070 and missed out top qualifying by 6 thousands – congratulations to Paul Cannuli on his top qualifying run”.

Round three of qualifying was cancelled due to racer concerns with the cool night air coming in, and eliminations were to commence with the qualifying order after round two.

All teams were then facing a dilemma – how to tune their wild beasts for racing. The first 330 feet of concrete was probably the best many had raced on – as good as a Winters track at Willowbank.

“We did a lot of small changes overnight – to soften the car more and make it smoother. The B & J Transmission allows more finessing with shifting, and we did some engine timing and tyre changes”

Top Doorslammer racing has two very important functions – driving and tuning. It’s the tuning carried out by the Crew Chief (or in many cases in this bracket – the driver) that determines the deliverable power, and the driver has to drive the package presented to him.

“We have very strong targets and high expectations with dozens of parameters we track in our data system. My brother Richard handles this, and the software allows us to zoom in on each of these areas and make a plan to reach the targets set. I would say this is our strong point in our racing – we have great power, but so do the other teams now, so it’s the decision making about what to change that makes the difference”.

John’s driving ability also helps when steering this beast from start to finish.

“Our decisions are based on data, not guesses. There is an element of that – we have tried a lot of variables over the years and been surprised that a certain change can make such a difference in performance. We were confident our changes would settle the car down a little and get it anchored to the track for the whole run. We noticed that Supercharged Outlaws were getting down the track so we put our tune in and were surprised and pleased with the results”

Day two of eliminations saw Zap up against Mark Belleri in the Fabietti Monaro who launched with a killer 0.080 light, but was overtaken by the staunch Fuchs Monaro (new Calder Park track record) with a 5.749 @ 249.81mph to Belleri’s 6.023 @ 215.31mph.

“I expected a 5.90 or a 5.89 on that run, but not a 74 – beautiful!”

Other first round winners were Kapiris, O’Rourke who ran the first five-second (5.999) Top Doorslammer pass at Calder, and Cannuli.

Round two Zap drew Grant O’Rourke, and with lane choice selected the left lane – believed to be better and smoother. In the first side by side five second pass at Calder Zap narrowly defeated O’Rourke 5.823 @ 248.39 mph to 5.955 @ 244.47mph. Kapiris 6.140 @ 221.60mph defeated Cannuli 6.436 @ 176.17mph to set up an epic final.

The atmosphere was electric at Calder Park. Kapiris was in front of his home crowd with many family and friends present, and Zappia seeking a second Nationals win at this event – last won in 1995.

Kapiris had the jump on Zap with a 0.093 light in the final, but the super strong Fuchs Monaro flew by for the win with another five seven – 5.762@ 248.29mph to Pete’s 6.065 @ 231.36mph.

“It was fun to drive today. Awesome to win after being all over the track yesterday – pretty scary stuff! The track was prepared well overnight and we did our homework – detuned the car and today it’s the first time in a while where I didn’t have to pedal and the car went straight”.

“Big thanks to Fuchs and all our sponsors for the opportunity to represent them at this great event. I am glad for Peter Pisalidis that the crowd came out in droves – I think with better weather the numbers may have been even better. It sets up a great future for Melbourne drag racing and we can’t wait to return”.

“Special thanks also to sponsors Reid Machine, whose new rocker arms contribute to our high revving reliability”.

It was great to catch up with so many people that were at Calder Park back in 1995 and to reminisce about the “lawn mower run” and to see how appreciative they were that we made the trip to support the sport of Drag Racing in Melbourne.

Zappia Racing will return to Perth for the running of the 45th Westernationals at the Perth Motorplex on Fri 5 and Sat 6 Feb.


P CANNULI – DUSTER 6.064 @ 240.29; J ZAPPIA – 71 HQ MONARO 6.070 @ 225.26; G O’ROURKE – 68 CAMARO 6.164 @ 283.93; P KAPIRIS – 59 SARATOGA 6.226 @ 220.01; R TAYLOR – 68 CAMARO 6.316 @ 225.94; G GRADDEN – 36 SARATOGA 6.348 @ 232.79; M BELLERI – 06 MONARO 6.392 @ 238.55; T DEFELICE – 67 CAMARO 6.544 @ 216.51.

Round 1 Eliminations:

P KAPIRIS – 59 SARATOGA 6.176 @ 232.11 DEF R TAYLOR – 68 CAMARO 6.269 @ 233.84; G O’ROURKE – 68 CAMARO 5.999 @ 243.37 DEF G GRADDEN – 36 SARATOGA 8.084 @ 125.16; J ZAPPIA – 71 HQ MONARO 5.749 @ 249.81 DEF M BELLERI – 06 MONARO 6.023 @ 215.31; P CANNULI – DUSTER 6.106 @ 241.63 DEF T DEFELICE – 67 CAMARO 6.303 @ 222.69.

Semi Finals:

P KAPIRIS – 59 SARATOGA 6.140 @ 221.60 DEF P CANNULI – DUSTER 6.436 @ 176.17; J ZAPPIA – 71 HQ MONARO 5.823 @ 248.39 DEF G O’ROURKE – 68 CAMARO 5.955 @ 244.47.


J ZAPPIA – 71 HQ MONARO 5.762 @ 248.29 DEF P KAPIRIS – 59 SARATOGA 6.065 @ 231.36.




Zap has his Eye on the Prize for the Nationals at Calder Park

Australian Top Doorslammer Champion John Zappia is on his way to the Australian Nationals at Calder Park this weekend to take on seven other Top Doorslammer teams, and has his eye on the prize. The event is round four of the ANDRA 2015/2016 Championship and the first time the Nationals has been run at Calder in fifteen years.

“Calder Park has strong memories for us at Zappia Racing” said Zap, “We travelled to Calder back in the early 1990’s because the crowds were huge and Doorslammer racing was new to this country. It’s great to be going back to race the full quarter mile with an upgraded track”.

In 1995 one of the most memorable Top Doorslammer races of all time – in front of 55,000 people, John Zappia took out the final from Brendan McSweeney by “mowing the grass” at Calder in the original Zap’s Rat.

“That was a memorable race, and it got a lot of attention over the years. We were running mid six second passes back then with some pretty rough chassis cars – compared to todays standard. The Fuchs HQ Monaro is a state of the art chassis and has all the latest go-fast bits in it”.

“The horsepower has increased dramatically as well – even over the last year or so, with Noonan Engineering manufacturing their own hemi heads that are bolt on power. We have not only found more power, but through testing many different combinations have found a level of reliability that allows 10,500rpm regular racing with few problems”.

“We are looking to set a few more records this weekend. No Top Doorslammer team has run a five second pass at Calder yet, and the track record is up for grabs as well. Getting all the new power to the ground is the challenge for all race team tuners”.

“We are aiming to improve all aspects of our racing this meeting. With me taking a break over the Christmas period my mind is fresh and focusing on a few key areas, and am keen to do well”.

“We top qualified at the last T/D event in December at the Perth Motorplex with a 5.829 @ 251.05mph, but had a clutch problem on the start line in Round 1. My 5.864 @ 249.63mph was beaten by Priolo’s 6.074 @ 238.64mph after a late light. We have fixed that problem and will return to regular racing”.

John Zappia leads the 2015/2016 ANDRA Top Doorslammer Championship on 311 points after winning Rounds 2 and 3. His closest and most dangerous opponents are Grant O’Rourke on 213 points, and Mark Belleri on 202 points – both teams are at the pointy end of the field running five eights consistently.

“It’s hard to predict who will win this round, with six of the eight having won Top Doorslammer rounds before, and will probably come down to who can read the track and weather the best and adjust their tune accordingly”.

“We welcome new Major Sponsor Dananni Hotshots to the team, and hope their HOTSHOT freight business gets exposure across Australia from their investment in our team and the sport of drag racing”.

Zappia racing fans are welcome in the pit area to watch over the crew and the Fuchs Monaro, and get their merchandise personally signed by Zap.

The Australian Nationals will be live streamed to viewers via the ANDRA web site www.andra.com.au

Tickets and info at www.calderparkdragracing.com.au

Race Schedule:

Q1        Saturday 23rd       3:14pm EST

Q2        Saturday 23rd       6:33pm EST

Q3        Saturday 23rd       9:26pm EST

Round 1Sunday 24th        1:33pm EST

Semi     Sunday 24th        4:18pm EST

Final     Sunday 24th        6:18pm EST