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Zappia Racing is proud to represent Dananni Hotshots / Tony’s Auto Wreckers in the Australian ANDRA Pro Series Top Doorslammer Championship Series, and the Thunder 400 Australian Professional Drag Racing Series. The Dananni Hotshots / Tony’s Auto Wreckers HQ Monaro is Australia's quickest Doorslammer, holding the ANDRA National Record of 5.685 seconds, and the Thunder 400 National Record of 5.601 seconds. John "Zap" Zappia is the 10-times back-to-back ANDRA National Champion, and one time 400 Thunder Pro Slammer National Champion. Also the Perth Motorplex track record of 5.585 seconds.

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Zappia Racing also thanks Major Sponsors below for their continued support and sponsorship. Fuchs Lubricants are suppliers of all the world class lubricants. Crow Cams have a long association with Zap with camshaft and valve train supplies. Noonan Race Engineering assists Zap with billet blocks, Noonan cylinder heads and billet light weight rocker covers. Muscle Care Warehouse is valued sponsors with assistance for East Coast meetings. Hoosier Racing Tires supplies John Zappia with tyres and technical assistance to set national Records. Shacks Automotive Paints for their paint supply to keep the car appearance in showroom condition. Motec for the support over several years with dash, wiring looms and ECU unit for the VP street ute.

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Thank you for helping Zappia Racing and for more details on the Supporting Sponsors and links to their web sites go to "Sponsors" in the top menu.

Latest News


Zappia scores second Summer Slam championship

John Zappia has been declared the WA Summer Slam champion after the series was drawn to an end with one event remaining, following the early declaration of the Perth Motorplex season because of COVID-19.

Zappia’s Dananni Hotshots/Tony’s Auto Wreckers Monaro Top Doorslammer held a slim five point lead from second-placed Daniel Gregorini, but fans were unfortunately denied a chance to see one last epic showdown between the pair.

“We finished with two wins and a drawn final in the Summer Slam, plus a win when we raced in Top Comp, so we had a great season results wise,” Zappia said. “At the final event it was going to be all down to the wire, with whoever went furthest out of Daniel and I taking the championship. It would have been a thrilling way to wrap up what has been a season of growth for the Summer Slam. All of the Western Australian teams have stepped up in a big way, and we all drive each other to be better. We have consistently had fields of 10 Top Doorslammer cars at each event, which also produced the quickest and fastest side-by-side pass in Australia where we ran a 5.622/416kph (258.5mph) for the win to Daniel Gregorini’s 5.653/414.75kph (257.71mph).”

As well as securing a bundle of trophies, Zappia also reached new performance benchmarks including his first Top Doorslammer passes in the 5.5 second zone and his first time over 260mph.

“It’s no secret that we have been chasing that 5.5 run, ever since we came oh-so-close back in 2017 with a 5.601 at Sydney,” he said. “To run our new personal best of 5.585, and to be able to do it at our home track, was a very special moment.

“The power of our Noonan 4.8 Hemi has certainly been on show, and nothing proved that better than our highest ever speed of 260.35mph in legal Top Doorslammer/Pro Slammer trim.”

Zappia was looking forward to the remaining events of the season which included the Summer Slam final at Perth Motorplex, Santo’s Super Thunder at Willowbank, Nitro Thunder at Sydney Dragway and the 400 Thunder finals at the Winternationals, also at Willowbank.

“We were excited to see how quick we could go with some full passes in good conditions. We fixed some of the handling issues we were having with the car wanting to turn right and the car was running low 5.6s even with a pedal, which is pretty stout. It’s frustrating but it is what it is.”

While drag racing remains on hold, as do most live events around Australia, Zappia is intending on using the time to maximum effect by completing a series of long term projects for the team.

“It is a good time to service all of the equipment including our spares, update the truck and trailer and get everything right at the workshop. We are also going to put the old original Zap’s Rat together so that we will have two cars race ready. It was always a back up car for us and it would be good to get it going, run it at a meeting and put down a good time, and then possibly put it up for sale.”

The Winternationals have been postponed to September, and Zappia said he is contemplating the pros and cons of attending the event versus getting ready for the next season.

“Before COVID-19 we had three events to catch up to Steve Ham in the points, now there is only one. We are 56 points behind in the 400 Thunder series so while it’s mathematically possible, it would be a big task and would be Steve’s to lose.

“There’s a good bunch of guys and girls who have always stayed with us and I am grateful to them for that. For decades we’ve had one of the quickest blown doorslammers in the world and it is no easy achievement to stay at the front of the pack. These crew members and supporters, some of whom have been there from the start, make it all possible.”

Zappia wished to thank his sponsors and crew who made the achievements of the team possible this season. Without the long term support of many of our current and past sponsors we would not have been one of the top two Top Doorslammer teams every year for the last 16 years. Hopefully all our current sponsors will stay on board as we look to the next season to stay at the pinnacle of our sport and promote our sponsors’ services and goods.

Photo: Phil Luyer





Latest News History


Zap Top Qualifies with 5.68 Pass

John Zappia stunned the local Perth Motorplex crowd on the qualifying opening night of Top Doorslammer Round 1 with a 5.683 @ 253.52mph pass that took him to the top of the qualifying order of 16 cars. Eight teams qualified for today’s eliminations – all with sub six second runs, with surprise non-qualifiers Kapiris, Phillips […]


Zappia well prepared for Round 1 of Top Doorslammer (Updated)

Reigning ANDRA Top Doorslammer Champion John Zappia got to the A Final in the recent Jet Car Max Re-run event at the Perth Motorplex in the Top Comp Bracket, after a stellar 5.743 @ 252.10mph eliminator win. “The car is pretty stout at the moment” said a smiling Zappia, “The 5.743 was a back up […]


Zappia runs 5.718 – quickest ever TD pass in Australia

Reigning Australian Top Doorslammer Champion John Zappia ran the quickest doorslammer pass in the county over the weekend at the Perth Motorplex. He reset his own local track record and also went under his own Australian National Record in preparation for the upcoming Round 1 of Top Doorslammer. The run is not an official Top […]


Zappia Wins Nitro Thunder with track record 5.776

John Zappia is on a winning streak after winning the Top Comp bracket at the Perth Motorplex on the weekend, and re-setting the track record with a stunning 5.776 pass in the A Final. Following on from winning the first WA Top Doorslammer Championship last meeting, Zappia continued to prove the new shortened wing and […]


Zappia Wins WA Drag Racing Top Doorslammer Championship

Fresh off winning a seventh back-to-back ANDRA Top Doorslammer Championship in Sydney, John Zappia presented for the WA Drag Racing Championship meeting at the Perth Motorplex and won the final. Zap and his team headed back to Perth from Sydney a week ago with the damaged Fuchs/Striker Crushing Monaro – after a hard hit on […]


Zappia Racing season wrap up

Now Seven Times Back-to-Back Australian ANDRA Top Doorslammer Champion John Zappia wrapped up his 2013-2014 season in Sydney at the Australian Nationals with a less than desirable finish but put on a great show for the crowd with his wild drives on a tight and tricky track. “The meeting was full of drama,” said a […]


Zappia Hoping for more Nationals Success at Australian Nationals

Seven times back-to-back Australian Top Doorslammer Champion John Zappia has his eye on some quick times this weekend at the ANDRA “Blow Your Mind” Australian Nationals at Sydney Dragway. The pressure is off after he claimed the championship last meeting in Adelaide, and the country’s quickest Top Doorslammer driver is all fired up. “Sydney is […]